The Interdisciplinary Nutrition Sciences Symposium is an annual translational nutrition science conference. The theme for 2020 is Heterogeneity in Obesity Complications and Implications for Treatment. This conference will build on the dialogue we began in our successful 2019 symposium to develop best practices for translational nutrition science and to generate ideas for proposals and collaborative projects, which will lead public health, therapeutic, and clinical efforts to reduce obesity and its associated comorbidities.


Heterogeneity in Obesity Complications and Implications for Treatment will focus on the heterogeneity of obesity through discussions of four specific obesity-related complications: inflammation, fatty liver, cognitive function, and cancer. Speakers who are leaders in these four areas will present followed by pragmatic and transdisciplinary panel discussions on successful engagement in cutting-edge translational nutrition and obesity science. Interactive discussions will encourage diverse early career investigators and faculty to engage with senior investigators, and for academic and industry scientists to engage. 

Scientific themes:

  • Obesity heterogeneity and precision science, specifically precision nutrition.

  • Opportunities and challenges for translational approaches using human and animal models.

  • Cross-talk and collaboration in academic-industry partnerships to leverage capacity to improve individual and population health.

  • Best practices for translational sciences.